Bespoke Service - Philanthropy
Make your donations have a lasting impact;

Europa Clear Bank has a long history of giving and community support: we believe that philanthropy is a shared responsibility between the firm, its staff and its clients. Philanthropy is about articulating your personal values and creating as big an impact as possible with the money you donate. We provide several initiatives to support clients who have moved away from the one off donation approach, in search of more sustainable philanthropic opportunities.

We are currently engaging with organisations who offer a quality service in this sector.

Our Philanthropic Service will help you make charitable donations, or help you to invest your time in areas that have a lasting impact.

Our philanthropy service gives you access to specialist experts, thereby helping you select the right vehicle for your philanthropic activity.

Bespoke employees are engaged with many charities and our goal is to partner with our clients to make a collective difference. For example, our charity volunteer days provide an exciting opportunity for clients and staff to volunteer their time together.

We manage several charity mandates and family philanthropic foundations. First and foremost our aim is to provide consistent investment performance and, in recognition of the broader challenges facing charities today, we also provide investment training to trustees.

Through our network of philanthropy partners, we are pleased to provide fund raising or donor advice and support to our charities and private clients.
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Banking relationship combining technology and innovations

We combine our extensive experience with technologically advanced solutions to provide a totally  comprehensive financial transaction offering to clients all over the world. In an age where technology, innovation and customer excellence are the key to a wide range of banking services, we lead the way with a service offering that combines our wealth of experience with some of the most agile and advanced products and services available.
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