Education - Next Generation Programmes
Future Leaders programme

Each year, Europa Clear Bank invites a group of aspiring young professionals through its doors for the Future Leaders Programme. Created for 18-25 year olds, the course has been carefully designed to bring out each attendee’s inner entrepreneur, introducing them to industry leading professionals and like-minded individuals. Participants are drawn from further afield than the usual client pool to include outstanding university applicants, local school graduates and charity beneficiaries.

Next Generation Training programme

This programme is structured as a formal work experience at our corporate offices.

The programme runs for periods of 1 or 2 weeks, and is structured for the benefit and development of young adults, offering exposure to all areas of the business including investments, dealing, marketing, compliance and operations; to provide a broad picture of how each of these areas fit together.

The work experience programme also allows trainees to join many of our 'business-as-usual' functions; such as asset allocation meetings, visits from external managers and stock selection meetings. At the conclusion of the programme, each individual is invited to present a stock of their choice for consideration at one of our weekly stock selection meetings. The programme has been very successful and the number of enquiries continues to increase.
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Banking relationship combining technology and innovations

We combine our extensive experience with technologically advanced solutions to provide a totally  comprehensive financial transaction offering to clients all over the world. In an age where technology, innovation and customer excellence are the key to a wide range of banking services, we lead the way with a service offering that combines our wealth of experience with some of the most agile and advanced products and services available.
We can offer non-recourse Bad Debt Protection and take on your bad debt risk. This provides reassurance, knowing you’ll receive payment and safeguard your cashflow if your customers are unable to pay...
Weoffer up to 90 per cent of invoice value to you usually in less than 24 hours of you issuing the invoice to your customer. We also offer revolving lines of credit and term loans for inventory, machiner...
Every now and then, unforeseen expenses like hospital bills or car services crop up that most times we just haven’t budgeted for. At Europa Clear Bank we cater for these situations with personal loans that can carry you through...
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