Asset Management Portfolio
The asset manager for a changing world

A changing world offers many opportunities.  It also comes with challenges that develop our abilities and test our ambitions, perspectives and determination.

The global economic and financial system is interconnected like never before; new technologies are changing the way we interact, and the decisions that we make. The digital revolution affects everybody. There are many complex issues which influence the way we work with our clients and with each other through to the evolution of our beliefs and values - and they influence the objectives of those who entrust us with the allocation and management of their investments.  More than ever, our clients expect us to suggest solutions that cater to their specific needs; solutions that are more responsive to change, that provide perspective to a complex mosaic of information, and that are both responsible and transparent.  And they are right.

We embrace these changes in order to make a difference to people's lives. Our responsibility is to bring sustainable value to our clients who count on us to help them achieve their goals. It’s a simple and strong proposition - and it’s at the heart of this company’s quest to become a leading provider of quality investment solutions for individual, corporate and institutional investors

To achieve this we manage assets across the globe on behalf of our clients.  We stay close to our clients to better understand their needs and in order to always act in their best interests. We manage our clients’ assets by keeping an open mind and by staying true to our convictions and close to our clients’ investments.

Investing is about preparing for a better future

By working together with our clients we can help shape a better world, not just better financial outcomes. That’s why we choose to invest responsibly, with the world in mind.

Only a company where people work together can embrace this changing world.  We’re the sum of our people - a company of interesting individuals with interesting backgrounds. We appreciate the contrarian, independent thinkers who - with trust, integrity and hard work - strive to develop and implement innovative, relevant and sustainable investment solutions.

We’re a company with a clear focus on delivering results, where expectations are high and success is fairly rewarded and aligned with our clients’ objectives.  We’re also a company that values initiative and where everyone is held accountable to each other.  And finally, we’re a company in which everyone understands their ability to make a real difference to the lives of the thousands of people that rely on our investment decisions, every day.  This is why investing means the world to us.
Hedging foreign exchange

ECB offers innovative derivative, structured finance, and local currency products and solutions that enable clients to hedge foreign exchange, interest rate, and commodity price exposure.
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